IN THIS day and age, with predators lurking everywhere, it is very dangerous for girls to leave pictures, cell phone numbers, addresses, or any personal information for that matter, anywhere on the internet. The most common place where predators look for girls personal information is social networking websites, the most common being Facebook.

Girls are naive and should realize the dangers that exist in leaving personal information on social networking websites. It is very easy for anyone to get access to girls contact information, especially cell phone numbers, if girls leave it carelessly on the internet, on social networking websites in particular

A lot of times girls meet strangers in chat rooms and give personal information and end up becoming victims. When using internet cafes, girls should always double check that they are logged out. There is already a craze for girls cell phone numbers and nothing can make it easier for men to gain access to these numbers than girls leaving it on the internet.

Many webmasters of adult websites use girls pictures from social networking websites to promote their business, with things like, “these girls are available.” In reality, those girls dont even know that their pictures are on a website of such a nature. Pimps are also hovering on social networking websites, trying to find pictures of good looking girls for their business. Many prostitutes also use those pictures for personal gain.

Girls should remove their personal information, pictures, and phone numbers from the internet.

By Mohammad Yusha

By Web Team

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