STAFF REPORT IBD: The countrys farming community is being exploited by the sugar mills through irregular practices like low and fixed rates of the crop, illegal deductions, restriction to the market and unjust buying terms and conditions, says a fresh report released by Sustainable Development Policy Institute.

“Very few farmers are loyal to the specific mills, most farmers opt to sell their stock to the mill which offers them easy passageway, prompt payment and better rate. The farmers have battered and bruised feelings due to delay in payment and deductions. Legally, a farmer can move the cane commissioner or provincial cane commissioner against non-payment by a mill,” the report further explains.

However, no mechanism exists for the implementation of this law. If a factory does not release the payment to the farmer after one year of the order, the commissioner can send the case to civil judge or magistrate after imposing 11-time fine on the outstanding amount against the factory.

While on the other hand, farmers community holds the government is responsible for their problems as it accused of not protecting them from exploitative and unjust policies and action of the sugar mills.

Jahangir Khan Tareen, a senior politician, on the occasion, shared the business model of his sugar mill in which he has integrated a business strategy with welfare of sugarcane farmers through micro credit and technical support.

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