STAFF REPORT IBD:, a blog co-founded by Farrukh Zafar and Salman Saeed, has recently been acquired by an Australian firm at a whooping Rs. 10 million valuation.

Farrukh Zafar, who left his remunerative job at LG Pakistan to dedicate his efforts for Gagism, said that the idea of selling Gagism hit him when blog traffic dipped down to 400,000 page views per day, while it had been serving a million hits per day in the past.

Soon enough, Farrukh said, the blog was put up on an online listing for sale, which eventually took them only two weeks to get the whole deal done.

“The funny thing is; the reason for selling the site – low traffic, had flown away in two weeks time and we were back up serving around 600,000 page views daily; but by that time, the deal had entered into serious phases, and the lure of a 10 million rupees, kept us going in the acquisitions direction”, commented Farrukh. is a community driven blog that hosts comics, jokes and funny images. Gagism had 6 team members including Farrukh and Salman. They all are now working on a new venture after registering a company in Dubai.

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