TO ACHIEVE sustainable economic growth, scientific research should drive the production and exploitation of knowledge. It is imperative to move forward from infrastructure and capacity building of RandD institutions to value added technologies and more innovative ideas for development of entrepreneurship. To overcome challenges like energy shortage smart research and development investment is required for exploration and efficient utilization of natural resources. Principal focus of this year plan is to make science and technology at the service of peoples in all spheres of life, eventually leading to economic growth and prosperity.

During the financial year 2011-12, Rs 1,146 million were allocated for 51 Science and Technology projects. Out of which, an amount of Rs 919 million (around 80% of allocation) is utilized.

Major achievements of SandT organisations during 2011-12

•             Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) developed a process for the utilization of the huge reserves of Thar coal to overcome the energy crises in Pakistan by converting the coal into liquid fuel in an effective manner to support the economy of the country. PCSIR has also developed technologies for high quality black glass, nano-partical, biodegradable polymer, Indole Acetic Acid etc.

•             National Institute of Oceanography up-graded its laboratory facilities as per international standards and served as a focal laboratory for all the oceanographic RandD activities.

•             Pakistan Council for Work and Housing Research researched for the transfer of ferrocement technology to public and private sectors on commercial bases.

•             Pakistan Science Foundation organized an International Traveling Expo on Chemistry in Pakistan.

•             Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies procured and installed twenty four MHP plants, 200 KW MHP plants at canal falls and 284 biogas plants in different areas of the country.

•             Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources constructed 11 laboratory buildings at different cities.

•             Pakistan Council of Science and Technology conducted research on all policy issues related to development, management and identification of SandT needs in line with rapid socio economic development of the country.

•             National Institute of Electronics provided testing services to industry, traders, etc, of electronic products through Center for Quality Testing and Certification of Electronic Products.

•             COMSATS Internet Service added two hundred  wireless Wi-Fi base stations in its network that will facilitate about 1500 broadband internet users mainly educational institutes, industry and the corporate sector.

Major targets SandT 2012-13

An amount of Rs 1,311 million has been allocated in PSDP 2012-13 for the projects of Ministry of Science and Technology.

•             Projects on installation of more Micro-Hydel Power Plants in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and Northern Areas and other parts of the country. Installation of 100 large size biogas plants and enhancement of solar panels production facilities from 80 KW to 250 KW.

•             Implementation and execution of National Science Technology and Innovation Policy 2011, establishment of Science and Technology Policy Institute, establishment of Innovative Centers at Industrial clusters and development of Technology Facilitation Centers.

•             Establishment of National Capacity Building Institute for water quality management in collaboration with Korean agency (KOICA), monitoring of 2000 water supply agencies and installation of 40 filtration plants, construction of six leaky dams.

•             Project on Pakistan National Hospital Accreditation (PNHA), the legal Act of PNAC is under finalization.

•             DNA analysis for crime investigation, PCR based molecular diagnoses of dengue virus, DNA sequencing and crime synthesis services, research on infectious diseases like hepatitis and dengue virus, genetic diseases research work and projects on plant biotechnology.

•             Establishment of latest high speed workstation for oceanographic and coastal hydro dynamic studies, exploration of natural resources and implementation of projects with State Oceanographic Administration of China.

•             Facilities / incubation center on concrete pipes and deep foundations for improvement of concrete properties, development of low cost, energy efficient building products and providing support to academia to technical RandD institute on testing of construction material.

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