STAFF REPORT IBD: Microsoft has arranged a first ever of kind event titled “ICT Journalists Workshop” held at the Kuch Khaas here last week which offered bloggers and journalists a chance to get to know each other as well as see how they could work hand in hand to work for the betterment of Pakistan.

Ammar Jaffri, President and CEO of PISA, and Sohaib Khalil, Enterprise Marketing Lead for North Africa, East Med and Pakistan at Microsoft Corporation, attended the event in addition to a large number of youth.

Jaffri spoke about how the use of ICT could help the individuals as well as the companies, organizations and government institutes. He shares his thoughts on the state of cyber crimes in Pakistan.

Shoaib Khalil talked about the state of e-governance in the country and how Microsoft was helping Pakistan push towards it. He explained that despite efforts by Microsoft to push the government of Pakistan towards modernization, the hierarchy as a whole resisted the change.

He also said that there was awareness amongst the youth of how technology can be used to further the development of the company but the upper echelons of the government are the ones who need to be convinced.

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