STAFF REPORT IBD: Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman and ex-CEO of Google, has recently visited Pakistan without unveiling his visit schedule. Purpose of his visit was to better the companys relationship with the government, sources said.

It maybe recalled that Eric Schmidt is Executive Chairman of Google and his visits to countries around the world is part of the companys efforts for strengthening relations with governments.

According to the state-run TV channel, he met former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani who had sought Googles help in establishing Universal Service Centers at union council levels throughout the country. The government is planning to auction this project under the umbrella of USF.

Bypassing all the necessary modalities and auctioning procedures, Gilani offered Google setting up of Universal Service Centers which probably could be better done through local firms.

The Prime Minister maintained that Pakistan deeply acknowledged and recognized the efforts being carried out by Google for undertaking various community-based projects in the country.

Google has faced action from Pakistan, including threats of being blocked if it failed to cooperate in restricting access to objectionable content available on Google and its various services including video sharing social network YouTube, which was blocked in 2010.

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