THIS is apropos the report that Rasheed Ali designed and installed a hydel power generator on a drain in Paposhnagar, Nazimabad, Karachi.
The beauty of the design is that he has used very simple components which can be fabricated and machined in Liaquatabad and Lawrence Road.
His achievement is of a major significance because his contraption can be easily expanded, modified, updated and installed on all drains, rivers and canals. We have five major rivers that run along the substantial length of the country. Hundreds of major and minor canals are taken out from these rivers.
These canals crisscross our landscape. With Pakistan facing a severe power crisis, Rasheeds machine can help us overcome it.
We must recognise Rasheed Ali appropriately. By doing so we will encourage all Rasheed Alis of Pakistan. It will open up windows of opportunities for all shop owners who make structures, tanks, pullies, shafts, gears and generators.
Producing them in the thousands will also generate jobs for unemployed youths who are involved in useless activities.
As a theoretical engineer, I always admire such practical people who not only make us feel proud of being a Pakistani but also reaffirm our faith in our people, our capabilities and our untapped human potential.
It will be great if engineering universities send their prominent students, teachers and professors to study and evaluate this. It will tell these budding engineers, their respected teachers and professors that one man can make a difference. It will also jolt their conscience a little, which I am sure will do them good.
S. Nayyar Iqbal Raza

By Web Team

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