By Badar Sultan Minhas and Rashid Nadeem

THE WORLD is changing fast enough to coup up with. Technology Foresight specialists are talking about extinction of science fiction due to this rapid change which is difficult to handle, predict and thus is unsustainable. Impact of this rapid uncontrollable change due to science and technology is going to result in economies of scale which then is expected to lead the climate change. This is simple S and T innovation.
On the other hand, whatever is naturally evolved, remains for long. Maybe it becomes everlasting due to its presence in one form or it transformation into another. Naturally, the processes can be predicted for future action planning thus making the technology foresight suitable for socio-economic well being rather than the well being a corporations listed in wall street journal whose future is OWS (occupy wall street).
Evolution is the solution rather than innovation of S and T to create something new for business purposes. Let the culture and simple humanity work on its own rather than making policies to facilitate the products introduced by the cults of the west believing in capitalism and doing business at the cost of humanity and nature. We need to give a room to simplicity and make policies which are going to help mankind live in harmony rather than producing casuals of Tsunamis and Quakes. Nature is kind enough in its evolution process as compared to the innovation process motivated and induced by human managers trying to get the fuel for their future plans to make money banks.
For this kind of evolution we may need a planning tool which even contains a group trying to be simple and humane rather than being techno-humans or tech-geeks. We do require Tech-Freaks focusing on trees being cut down, humans getting jobless due to tech, miseries increasing due to modern war fare and issues induced by new tech in our peaceful social setup mostly. Such a foresight exercise which is going to have some religious schools of thoughts from all over the world may prove to come to a consensus which is evolution supportive.
Innovative, skewed or biased, disrupts evolution process as it is to get the capital at a considerable environmental cost. Innovation needs evolution oriented technology foresight which is more achievable through religious scholars all over the globe.
Another important stakeholder which may be neutral to innovation and evolution is the youth. They are the ones who Technology Foresight process builds the future for. Sustainable development is for their next generation. Youth which are categorized as adults need awareness and inclusion in such programs may ignite a lamp assisting in enlightening the minds around him. We may use media for this purpose rather than using it only for entertainment and joy (as mostly in west the business of media).
Youth of today is pretty much learned and capable of making decisions based on the latest information they are getting from information highway. Their superiority in this regard is always higher than those who are even 10 years older. Their up to date information and zeal to work hard very easy consuming their potential for right work without any huge cost needs to be exploited by Technology Foresight process. Their closeness to evolution due to their innocence in young age and less meanness also a factor of them doing right things if given room to do a sincere foresight for region or nation.
In short, for evolution oriented sincerity based foresight, it is deemed necessary to involve religious figures who are pure with in hidden personal interests as well as youth who are mostly pure due to their young age which is free from internal and external pollution and close to evolution.

By Web Team

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