STAFF REPORT FBD: Trilateral relations among Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States in the field of agriculture sit together to develop the sector and alleviate sufferings of the farming community in the region.
Speakers at a recently held five-day international workshop “Strengthening extension skills of young professionals in Afghanistan and Pakistan” expressed these remarks. Experts from the US, agricultural workers and officers from Afghanistan and Pakistan participated in the workshop.
UAF Vice-Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad voiced concern that only 25 lady agricultural professionals are working in the Punjab Agriculture Extension Department, which are not enough to meet the needs of 69 per cent of rural women who were associated with the agricultural sector.
Rural women are reluctant to get guidelines from male staff of the agricultural department because of age-old traditions and norms. “It is a prerequisite to increase the women staff in the agricultural department in order to transfer latest technology to women,” he said.
UAF has been selected for the centre for agriculture and food security, which will help ensure end hunger and provide enough food to the country. Ahmad said although Pakistan was a food-secure country, water crisis has started turning fertile land into barren.

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