STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan has a potential to generate over 2.324 million megawatts electricity annually through solar system and in this connection industrialists should come forward and contribute in overcoming the energy crisis facing the country. The power generated through solar system can easily meet even the future industrial and domestic energy demand of the country.
“Pakistan needs to contribute 2,000 MW into the national grid every year and this could only be possible through solar and wind power,” said Vice Chancellor, Hamdard University, Dr. Nasim A Khan, in his presentation to members of Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI) last week.
He maintained that solar and wind powers are the real sources of energy and rest of the sources are alternative. He said that Hamdard University is ready to provide technology of solar power to the industrialists free of charges so that country could be able to benefit from cheapest sources of energy.
He informed that many countries like USA, Germany, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Japan, India, China and Thailand are now generating electricity in bulk through solar system. Japan is generating electricity at the cost of only two cents per kilo watt hour (KWH).

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