STAFF REPORT IBD: As many as 14 telecom operators with Long Distance and International dialing license have agreed to establish a centralized landing gateway for internet calls in order to curb grey traffic.
According to a report by BMA Capital Research, the gateway, International Clearing House (ICH), will make possible for all LDI operators to get international calls landed to a single technical gateway against the current practice of being handled by 14 Long Distance International (LDI) operators independently and that too at different rates, said the BMA Capital research note issued here last week.
The largest LDI operator PTCL – with a 50 per cent market share – will lead the technical consortium where the entire international traffic will land.
“The other operators will be allotted fixed quota in total industry revenues based on their respective market shares,” says the note.
The idea is to curb grey traffic and at the same time enhance margins on incoming international traffic.
Once the International Clearing House comes into play, the rates for overseas callers may witness a massive jump as any foreign operator terminating calls into Pakistan would have to pay Rs. 7.64 per minute (USc8.4/min).

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