STAFF REPORT IBD: Pa kistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has recently launched its 3G EVO Nitro wireless Broadband service in the Rawat Industrial Estate, near Rawalpindi. President Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industries (RCCI), Javed Akhter Bhatti, inaugurated the state-of-the-art wireless Broadband services of PTCL EVO Nitro in a colorful ceremony held at RCCI Industrial Estate, Rawat.
PTCLs Executive Vice President Estate Management, Kanwar Ghulam Mustafa, and General Manager Wireless, Wajeeh Anwer, were also present on the occasion. “PTCLs 3G EVO Wireless Broadband is the only wireless broadband network providing Rev A and Rev B connectivity in Pakistan,” said PTCL EVP Kanwar Ghulam Mustafa while addressing local industrialists gathered on the occasion.
“It gives unlimited data volume downloads in unlimited usage packages while giving consumers a superior 3G experience.”
The President RCCI appreciated PTCL for connecting the Rawat Industrial Estate with 21st centurys global Information Super Highway, noting that it will yield a much-needed boost in Rawats industrial productivity.

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