WITH THE high increases in electricity prices, it is (high) time alternatives were considered. Citizens and the government should start working on projects that can save a lot of cost and help produce energy through natural ways, such as solar power and the generation of electricity through windmills.
The increasing durations of loadshedding and the multiplying of electricity charges have made it difficult for people to use a lot of electrical appliances.
Many of the people can now no more afford the peaceful sleep in an airconditioned room in these hot and humid nights. On the other hand, others cant even sleep with a fan switched on due to the loadshedding.
Karachi is a suitable place for installing solar panels as there is plenty of sunshine year-round. Installation of solar power generators in a city with such sunny climate will help solve the problem of the countrys electricity shortage to a great extent.
Although the installation cost of solar panels is very high, the later-on results are admirable. With only maintenance cost, and no such expenses as the present electricity bills, a person can consider spending his money on other important things as well.
If solar setups are made available on lease, a lot of people will be able to install it, cutting down a lot on monthly expenditure.
The solar system will not only help resolve the power shortage, it will also help individuals economically. The government should work on solar panels leasing programmes as soon as possible.
Sadiqa Anum @Karachi

By Web Team

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