STAFF REPORT IBD: Wrong perception about the unreliability of technology is halting the progress of solar panels in Pakistan that needs to be removed in order to promote the solar energy option.
“The general public are led to believe that the technology runs the risk of developing faults,” said Shaaf Mehboob, Director of Green Center, told this scribe.
He said that the likelihood of their batteries running down earlier than expected and the effects of moisture, dirt and rain on solar panels discourage people from investing in clean energy sources.
Green Center, a Karachi-based company that offers energy efficient solutions to industrial, commercial and residential customers by doing energy audits and selling energy management equipment.
“People need to understand that solar panels arent off-the-shelf items. The solar technology is an engineered solution, whose capacity must be in accordance with the expected load,” he maintained.
Mehboob further said that there are no regulations on the alternative energy sector in Pakistan. There is no supervision and quality checks this has resulted in customers losing trust in the solar technology.
He adds that it is the lack of regulation that solar panels of poor quality are being sold in Pakistan. A good quality, Korea-made solar panel can cost up to Rs400 per watt.

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