Speaking at a ceremony entitled `South Asia conference on environmental justice`, CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry expressed his concern over the lack of legislation regarding environmental protection in Pakistan.
The indiscriminate disposal of untreated wastes, water logging and salinity, ineffective sewer outlets, emissions of greenhouse gases and chronic noise exposure are some of the unpleasant realities of environmental pollution today.
Besides this, the introduction of massive development projects and the increased use of agriculture chemicals, with scant regard to their effect on ecology, are now beginning to tell.
According to various reports, above 30 per cent diseases are due to the atmospheric pollution and contaminated ground water.
The quality of Indus River is already deteriorated by 25 per cent. The snow leopard, houbara bustard, falcon, demoiselle crane, along with Siberian crane, are ranked amongst the endangered species today.
The ever-increasing demand for cropland, timber, etc., has caused alarming level of deforestation, leading to habitat destruction, desertification, soil erosion and flooding. The 2010 floods were merely a tip of the iceberg. The situation is grim and can get even worse.
Keeping the erratic climate pattern in mind, many countries have come up with various environmental laws. However, Pakistan seems to have lagged behind and shows only conventional methodology.
Inayat Atta @D. I. Khan

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