STAFF REPORT IBD: The government has finally approved the much-awaited National Climate Change Policy mainly focusing on importing natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) over import of oil from foreign countries.
The draft of policy reveals that the government would take measures to ensure reduction in usage of petroleum products that are not only affecting the natural environment but also causing huge import bills.
It was also stated in the draft policy to further expand nuclear power for Pakistans energy security besides promotion of renewable energy resources to cope with growing challenges of climate change and global warming.
The draft policy recommended preparing a detailed area analysis for possible wind and solar energy sites in Pakistan and establishing regional partnerships for technology transfer and development.
It was also recommended in the policy to build appropriate digital simulation models for assessment of climate change impacts on physical, chemical, biological and financial aspects of agricultural production systems; develop new varieties of crops that are high yielding and resistant to heat stress.
Major focus of the policy is the adaptation to climate change by different sectors of national economy, which includes water resources, agriculture, livestock, human health, bio-diversity and disaster preparedness.

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