STAFF REPORT KHI: Students from the NED University of Engineering and Technologys Urban and Infrastructure Engineering Department will conduct research to ascertain the level of traffic congestion in the city and quantification of its cost.
The Toyota Research on Traffic Congestion (TRTC) project is the first of its kind on this critical issue, which is affecting the people belonging to all walks of life, is being launched in collaboration with the Indus Motor Company.
Chief guest, NED University Vice Chancellor Abul Kalam, said that under the current social and economic framework, there are no feasible policies that could reduce traffic congestion to zero, however, for appropriate analysis it is required to have profound basis for congestion valuation.
IMC CEO Parvez Ghias was of the view that the traffic congestion has a number of negative effects including idle time for motorists and passengers; and delays that result in late arrival for students, employees, entrepreneurs resulting in lost business.
“Under the project methodology, research would be completed in different stages including identification, data collection, data processing and analysis and congestion estimation and its valuation,” said Urban and Infrastructure Department Chairman Mir Shabbar Ali in his remarks on the occasion.

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