STAFF REPORT IBD: A Taxila-based man has developed Pakistan’s first and world’s second horizontal six-blade automatic wind turbine for generating wind power.
Ch. Akhtar who never attended any college or university has successfully launched over 500 international standard turbines. This wind turbine is supported by the first time introduced long feed speed governor and country’s first multi-stage generator, both also developed by Taxila-based Ch Mohammed Akhtar, who runs his private workshop near University of Engineering of Technology Taxila, where he produced the turbines.
Akhter is the inventor, who produced first hydel turbine, hydraulic speed governor and the only man who made amendment in the Hyderlic testing rig made by British renowned engineer Dr Frances after 160 years has claimed it he can get rid the country of the present energy deficit through installation of micro, mini and medium hydel and wind power projects in different parts of the country.
According to him, turbines developed by him are unique in many respects. For instance, his AP-6A wind turbine has 6 blades instead of the ‘normal’ 3 and it is also horizontal instead of the usual vertical. He said that according to Global Wind Energy Council estimates, Pakistan could generate up to 50,000 MW from wind. The recurring cost of electricity produced through wind, he added, is almost zero with nominal maintenance cost.

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