By Naseem Sheikh
IN PAKISTAN, annual mean surface temperature has a consistent rising trend since the beginning of 20th century. Rise in mean temperature of 0.6-1.0°C in arid coastal areas, arid mountains and hyper arid plains, 10-15 per cent decrease in both winter and summer rainfall in coastal belt and hyper arid plains, 18-32 per cent increase in rainfall in monsoon zone especially the sub-humid and humid areas is observed. There is 5 per cent decrease in relative humidity in Baluchistan, 0.5 to 0.7 per cent Increase in solar radiation over southern half of country.

In the above summarized drastic environmental changes are all due to the global warming because of insensibly usage of natural resources and in result of it production of pollutants that further causing irreversible changes to our mother land. We must adopt steps like other developed nations to reduce and further overcome these types of problems.
In America, the National Green Week is the largest waste reduction campaign in history for K-12 schools nationwide. This years event was held on February 6, 2012, but classrooms across the country can choose any week to be their green week between Feb. 6 and Earth Day (April 22, 2012).
According to USA Today, every American generates 3.5 pounds of trash each day and according to our life style and habitual characters we Asians must produce more waste than them. So from that point of view we could give more benefit to our localities by celebrating such environment friendly week in our schools and other institutes this even not increase awareness among people to reduce trash but also as we all know we have huge trash heaps there so we could utilize them positively for production of energy.
In February 2007, the United Nations released a scientific report that concludes that global warming is happening and will continue to happen for centuries. The report also stated with 90% certainty that the activity of humans has been the primary cause of increasing temperatures over the past few decades. Climate change could reduce the habitable areas of the world.
The Green Education Foundation (GEF) is a non-profit organization that provides curriculum and resources to K-12 students and teachers worldwide with the goal of challenging youth to think holistically and critically about global environmental, social, and economic concerns and solutions.
Last years National Green Week in America from almost 5,000 schools, reaching nearly six million students resulted in 100,000 pounds of saved trashed and tens of thousands of dollars saved in utility bills, and this year is on track to be even more successful. Each year, the participation and results of the event continue to increase.
These call for public awareness and participation for bringing about an attitudinal change and finally restricting further damage to the environment. Effective implementation of environmental management and conservation programmes depends on education, awareness raising and training in the relevant areas. Sustainability movement has power and can result in long lasting behaviour changes and Slight efforts by each of us will make a big difference.
• One of the immediate actions is waste reduction. Cut the amount of rubbish to be burned packing drinks and snacks in reusable containers can add up to big savings in energy and waste
• Go on recycling. Plastic bottles, cans, and used paper are recycled through a resource recycling centre.
• Adjusting thermostats
• Do not waste resources.
• Do not throw away products only to buy brand new ones, one after another.
• Give away old clothes to someone or remake them.
• Bring your own bags for shopping to reduce waste from plastic bags.
• Do not set your air conditioners thermostat at a colder or warmer setting than normal.
• Save energy.
• Turn off unnecessary lights.
• Use public transportation or Ride a bicycle or walk to avoid using your car.
• When you stop the car for a certain time, turn off the engine to save the fuel.
• Grow trees and protect forests.
Most regrettable fact of our declining environment and biodiversity degradation is that we have strategists, policy-makers that have no compatibility in their sayings and doings. We need conscious efforts collectively with concrete foresightedness that can be able to feel the pulse of relentless time which is fleeting and waiting for none other than leaving the footprints of the dedicated founders of nations.
Protecting nature and resources leads to the prevention of global warming. All these suggestion are really very practicable and if we will strongly then there is no time to make them as habit and these sustainable habits can last a lifetime.

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