STAFF REPORT HYB: Speakers at a series of lecture highlighted the importance of wheat breeding, originof wheat as well as production of synthetic wheat and its dispersal.
The speakers said at a lecture organized by the Institute of Plant Sciences University of Sindh on “Wheat Genetic Resources and Integrated Science”, which was presided over by Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences Dr. Muhammad Tahir Rajput.
Noted wheat scientist from National Agriculture Research Council (NARC) Islamabad Dr. Abdul Mujeeb Kazi, who was the key speaker of the lecture, highlighted the importance of wheat breeding.
The scientist who is the pioneer of “Synthetic Hexploid” wheat production in the world and produced 1400 synthetic lines in wheat, proposed formation of comprehensive strategy for future research and guidelines to young students and scientists.
Dr. Muhammad Tahir Rajput said that wheat is an important crop worldwide and in Pakistan there is no survival without wheat.
In order to combat the challenge of food shortage for growing population of Pakistan, Dr. Rajput said that it is necessary to develop more improved wheat verities.
Among others, Dr. Sher Muihammad Magrio and Dr. Wazir Shaikh also expressed their views.

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