STAFF REPORT IBD: The meeting of the vice chancellors stressed that the degrees awarded by universities must be worthwhile in the job market and the available infrastructure of the universities must be utilized to the fullest.
The two-day meeting, organized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), was attended Vice Chancellors and Rectors of over 130 universities.
In his remarks, Dr. Javaid Laghari, Chairperson HEC, gave an overview of the higher education sector in Pakistan. He said that the modern university, with its mix of teaching, innovation and research, is different from the universities of the yester years that only served as teaching grounds.
“By introducing innovation, creativity and interdisciplinary research as a vital component of teaching, and with knowledge exchange programmes, the university contributes more directly to the economy and society than any other institution,” he said.
Dr Sohail Naqvi, Executive Director, HEC, expressed his resolve to take higher education to new heights. He said that the aim of this gathering of university heads is that “We will educate this nation”. Dr. Naqvi said that the higher education institutions are located all across Pakistan, in almost every community. “Now the higher education has taken root in Pakistan and our universities are transforming communities,” he added.
Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gillani, Chairperson, Vice Chancellors Committee and Vice Chancellor, KPK UET, Peshawar, said that this Committee was a realistic forum for higher education policy formulation.

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