ISLAMAABAD: Chairperson of PCST, Ministry of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Mudassar Israr, has announced the foundation of “ICT Task Force for formation of ICT Commission of Pakistan”.
She said this during a recently held meeting of Technology Foresight Committee for ICT for Sustainable Development.
The PCST has Technology Foresight Committees for the Sustainable Development for the sectors of Agriculture, Education, Environment, Health, ICT and Industries, says a press release.
All of these committees and their expert panel members have become the founder members of this commission.
This commission is based on multi-stakeholders’ representation and it encourages all the stakeholder organizations, institutions to nominate their representatives in this commission.
The ICT Commission of Pakistan will support PCST to develop proactive strategies for national policies, road map and action plan to strength the national resources by supporting them with the ICT.
With the slogan of “ICT for All”, the commission also discussed the national policies support mechanism for innovative Ideas, Innovation/Incubation Centers, Telecenters, eHealth and Virtual Trainings, eVillages and Local Language Contents Developments. The participants of the meetings also shared their projects and achievement.

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