STAFF REPORT IBD: Mobile phone subscription witnessed a steep growth in January with the sale of 1.73 million SIMs by different cellular companies, fresh PTA statistics revealed.
Now the overall subscribers base has increased to 114 million with the tele-density reaching 66.5 per cent by January 2012 throughout the country.
The PTA figures say that Mobilink led the market with 34.70 million subscribers followed by Telenor with 28.47 million customers. subscriber base grew to 22.02 million subscribers with addition of 0.650 million new connections. Zongs increased its users by 0.548 million to reach overall at 14.42 million. Mobilink and Telenor have added 0.481 million and 0.339 million in January to reach 34.7 million and 28.4 million. Warid users remained at 14.99 million customers.
Analysts said the going up competition amongst the cellular operators and aggressive sales and marketing schemes have widened subscribers on their network.
They said the companies are looking forward to explore rural markets through genteel distribution and sales channels in uncommon districts of various provinces.
On the other hand, the dual SIM ownership is said to be rising outstanding to attraction of on-net packages and low-cost SIM card by the users of the mobile phone.

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