STAFF REPORT IBD: The Punjab Information Technology Board (PTIB) has replaced its outdated decentralized communications technology with a secure and reliable solution that would enhance employees productivity and reduce operating costs. They system has been deployed with the cooperation of Microsoft Gold Partner Inbox Business Technologies.
The PTIB is responsible for providing IT infrastructure services to more than 100 departments and divisions within the government and throughout the province.
“Previously, the PTIB email services were hosted by a third party cloud provider and the majority of civil servants used web based email services. The governments Microsoft Exchange 2007 messaging system – which had around 2,500 active mailboxes hosted on a single server – lacked redundancy and high availability. In addition, the server wasnt scalable,” explained Sajjad Ghani, Joint Director of Databases at PTIB.
He said that the requirements for the system were that it had to be highly resilient to viruses and malware and automated to reduce cost of operating the data center.
Over the next few years, PTIB plans to completely modernize its IT infrastructure with a standardized collaboration and communication platform for its civil service. It also plans on focusing on reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency and creating the foundation for different services.

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