STAFF REPORT FBD: Adoption of modern water conservation methods and agricultural practices is imperative to cope with the water scarcity as Pakistan has been placed in red zone due to low per capita water availability at 1,000 cubic metres. India has 1,600 cubic metres of water per person per year while major European countries have up to twice as much ranging from 2,300 cubic metres in Germany to 3,000 cubic metres in France.
These were the views of speakers who addressed a seminar titled “Remote sensing and hydrological modelling for irrigation water management”, recently organised by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage and Water Management Research Centre, University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
In his remarks, UAF VC Dr Iqrar Ahmad said Pakistan said that Pakistan is on the verge of water scarcity and should take extra measures to fight the challenge by creating awareness. In 2050, he said, the water situation would be alarming with per capita water availability at 550 cubic metres.
In addition to the development of new water reservoirs, serious conservation steps need to be taken to improve the efficiency of water use in Pakistani agriculture which claims almost all of the available fresh water resources.
Rather than flood irrigation used in Pakistani agriculture, there is a need to explore the use of drip or spray irrigation to make better use of nations scarce water resources before it is too late.

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