STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is expected to produce 24 million tons of wheat this year that can satisfy the needs of the country in terms of quantity but wheat support price has been fixed at Rs. 1050 per 40 kgs.
Though the target of 25 million tons of wheat production seems not to be achieved, yet 24 million tons would be enough for the whole year. Masses would have to pay the inflationary prices of staple food while farmers would get no significant benefit as well, experts were of the view.
There are several reasons behind increasing cost of staple food and one of them is no government support in terms of provision of inputs on affordable prices. The cost of production has increased that much that even on Rs 1050 per 40 kg of wheat, the farmers would earn lesser than the previous year.
Last year the wheat procurement price was Rs 950 per 40 kg and farmers even earned better and this year the price would be Rs 100 higher and the masses would pay more to mitigate their hunger but the growers would earn lesser at the same time.
The government must have to cap input prices if it really wants Pakistan a food secure country, the officials said. But the policies of the government on the other hand are totally opposite as the government even has imposed.

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