ISLAM IS a religion of peace, harmony and liberalism and does not promote any kind of violence or turmoil. Environment is an essential and integral part of a human world. Allah Almighty created man in harmony with His creations of plants, animals, soil, water, fire and air. And then He made man His trustee on this earth. Allah, who is the creator and the sustainer of this entire universe, He, who is the sovereign, the omnipotent and the omnipresent. The Holy Quran very explicitly narrates the powers of God and bears the man its witness, when it explains that all that exists on this earth is Allahs creation. He is the one who created man with flesh and blood and sent him to His earth, so that the man acknowledge the grandeur of his Lord and behold the beauty and versatility of his Gods creations.
“And it is He who spread out the earth, and set thereon mountains standing firm and (flowing) rivers; and fruit of every kind He made in pairs, two and two; He draweth the night as a veil over the Day. Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who consider.” (Quran 13:3)
The environment is a subject which could never even be taught the best by any scholar as the Holy Quran teaches it. Allah Almighty educated us the supreme principles of nature on which His entire creation is programmed. No one has the authority to intervene with the regulations of the nature as set by the God.
“And there is no creature on (or within) the earth or a bird that flies with its wings except that they are nations (communities) like you.” (Quran 6:38)
In order to obey his God, man is accountable for his deeds on earth. He is supposed to protect and preserve all what he has been blessed with and then use all the natural resources in a balance. Man has no clout to create or destroy what Allah has created on this earth. Nor has he the authority to transgress from the limits that Allah has set for him. He can only use the natural resources in a limit prescribed for him. And man should never forget that Allah is watchful over him. Man has a limited power and he is supposed to exercise that without harming or intruding into the natural systems.
“Walk on the Earth in humility.” (Quran 25:63)
For those who do not comply with the fundamentals of Islam and disobey God in harming the nature, they are the people for whom Allah has established strict rules and regulations and they will not be forgiven. Yet, the Merciful and the Sovereign, loves His creations and blessed the mankind with the gift of this beautiful world and filled it with innumerable resources of nature. He has warned man in advance to save him from transgression and sinful deeds which could be responsible for exploiting the natural environment.
“But seek, through that which Allah has given you, the home of the Hereafter; and (yet), do not forget your share of the world. And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corruptors.” (Quran 28:77)
Furthermore, He reveals his sovereignty when he warns the man that this earth has been blessed to explore the resources which are necessary for a mans survival. He has no right to abuse the favours that Allah blessed him. These resources are limited and are to be used in a true balance by all plants, animals and human beings.
“Eat and drink from the provision of Allah, and do not commit abuse on the earth, spreading corruption.” (Quran 2:60)
The importance of environment in Islam is evident through several verses of the Holy Quran. There are more than 700 verses in the Quran that exhort believers to reflect on nature. To save the fragile environment is our first and foremost obligation on this earth. Allah is watchful over us and He shall not forgive those who are disobedient.
“Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by (reason of) what the hands of people have earned, so He (i.e. Allah) may let them taste part of (the consequences of) what they have done that perhaps they will return (to righteousness).” (Quran 30:41).

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