STAFF REPORT IBD: Ghazi Abdullah, a 15-year-old school student, has sent a list of 780,000 adult websites, which, according to him, should be blocked in accordance with the Supreme Court orders but are still accessible to general internet users in Pakistan.

“I have sent a list to PTA only because the authority had asked me for a list of adult websites,” Abdullah told the media while quoting an authority letter sent to him by Director General, Law and Regulations.

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Earlier, Abdullah had written letters to PTA, Ministry of IT and Chief Justice of Pakistan to get adult websites blocked in the country. After his repeated requests, and hack attempts on PTA and Supreme Court website PTA had decided in principle to ban adult websites and issued directive for ISPs to block access to adult websites.

It was recently revealed that Pakistan ISPs have blocked 13,000 adult websites, while there are more still accessible, according to Abdullah.

It merits to mention here that ISPAK is willing to block access to any number of websites.
Without detailing the criteria or selection process of adult websites, Abdullah said that he prepared this list of 780,000 adult websites with the help of his friends having expertise in computers.

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