STAFF REPORT IBD: The trend of cultivating strawberry is surging among farmers living in the riverine belt of the River Chenab as cultivators are much content with its profit ratio as compared to traditional crops.
The traditional crops of the single-cropping belt located on both banks of the river are wheat and vegetables. Local farmers have been cultivating the two crops since generations, but they have now started cultivating strawberry as an alternative crop for the last few years.
“The profit margin between the traditional crops and strawberry has encouraged the farmers from upper Punjab to opt for strawberry,” said Malik Mumtaz Bhapla, a farmer of Mauza Muhammadpur Ghota.
He said the strawberry cultivated during the month of October and it started giving fruits in January till late March, adding that the fruit maturity period was short and ranged from 30 to 40 days.
“The profit against per acre is more than the input cost which is encouraging farmers to cultivate strawberry instead of traditional crops”, he said.
Bhapla said since the profit margin in vegetables and wheat crop was much less than the strawberry, the cultivated area of strawberry was being increased every year.

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