STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistani retailers have entered the UAE market using LumenSoft Candela RMS, a software solution primarily designed for the retail management from a small store to huge business chains. The software is home grown solution and was completely developed in Pakistan by LumenSoft Technologies (Pvt.) Limited.
Presently, the solution is working at over 70 chain store organizations and more than 670 stores in 46 cities of Pakistan and has been awarded by (APICTA 2011, P@SHA ICT Award 2011, 2009 and 2008).
RMS is a system developed with the help of computers and other devices like EPOS (electronic point of sales system) to ensure a smooth flow of product development, supply chain and sales. Retail management systems are far more effective in business growth than the conventional manual order/accounting procedures, these cannot only track all the business activities but also predict and project future business growth.
“It is a brilliant step towards exploring another dimension of business opportunities of all kinds having the focus on developing and growing our own business and economy with home grown talent and systems,” an official of the IT Ministry commented.

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