STAFF REPORT IBD: The NUST has recently inaugurated its fastest supercomputing facility at a ceremony at its Research Centre for Modeling and Simulation (RCMS). The ceremony was presided over by HEC Chairman Dr Javaid R Laghari. The state-of-the-art computing facility was recently acquired by NUST through a Ministry of Science and Technology financial grant.
“The super computer installed in NUST is the fastest GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) based parallel computing system operating in any organisation or academic institution in Pakistan till date,” said, RCMS Principal Sikandar Hayat, while highlighting the special features of this facility.
He said that the supercomputer can perform parallel computation at a peak speed of 132 teraflops or 132 trillion operations per second. It is equipped with multicore processors and graphics co-processors with inter-processor communication speed of 40 Gbps.
NUST Rector Engr Muhammad said, “The acquisition of the supercomputing facility would be a source of inspiration for our valued PhD scholars abroad to return to Pakistan. This will have an impetus on the collaborative research between universities and other research organisations in country and abroad.”

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