STAFF REPORT KHI: The Sindhs indigenous culture and its rich folklore wisdom would surely help the global environmental conservation movement, but lack of access to information technology in the provinces rural areas has created an invisible barrier to this information transfer.
In an effort to make amendments in this area, the Pai Forest Action Network (PFAN) has set up an information technology centre in Sakrand, Nawabshah, in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistans Indus for all programme.
“There is a lot of local wisdom over here when it comes to conserving forests, effects of natural disasters on wildlife, and the productive use these plants can be put in during these disasters. We want the rest of the world to know this information too,” said Ali Hassan, the Director of Indus Silicon, while commenting on the occasion.
Currently, the centre offers training courses in English language, Microsoft Office and typing and charges students a fee of Rs500 per month. The duration for the computer courses is four months, while that for English is six months.
“We want to ensure that students are able to use globally available information in their studies. Therefore, we intend to make it available in Urdu and Sindhi,” said Hassan.

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