STAFF REPORT IBD: Google has entered a partnership with Mobilink to offer its Gmail users an ability to send free text messages to any Mobilink number from their Gmail accounts or through Google chat. Gmail offers this facility for limited operators throughout the world, and Mobilink is the first operator it has collaborated with in Pakistan.
With this service the Mobilink subscribers can also reply back to SMS messages sent from Google chat, which will appear on Gmail users Gmail interface. It merits mentioning here that first message has to be sent by a Gmail user via Gmail chat client.
Gmail offers initial SMS credit for 50 SMS, which decreases each time you send an SMS from Gmail chat client, says a press release.
Every time you send a message, your credit decreases by one. Every time you receive an SMS message in Chat your credit increases by five, up to a maximum of 50, it said.
This is legal, as youre buying credits by paying your phone company. If your SMS credit goes down to zero at any point, it will increase back up to one 24 hours later.

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