STAFF REPORT LHR: The government can save up to Rs23 billion by supplying gas to fertiliser sector as compared with power sector, while the ill-conceived gas load management plan has badly hampered manufacturing of urea and hence dealt a severe blow to the agriculture sector.
Rasheed Lone, CEO, Dawood Hercules Fertilizers Ltd (DHFL), and Ahmed Jaudet Bilal, CEO, Agritech, said this at the media briefing recently arranged here.
They also highlighted the negative impact of one of the longest closures of fertiliser plants due to the cut in gas supplies, besides consequent impact on the farming community.
By adding value to each molecule of natural gas, Lone and Bilal said, the fertiliser sector uses gas to convert this raw material into key input for agriculture sector instead of burning precious fuel of gas.
Unlike other sectors of the economy, there is no alternative to gas for urea manufacturing as the process cannot be completed without gas supply.
In other words, they observed, natural gas is used to produce fertiliser- which is used for good output of crops- hence, it has a direct impact on the agriculture economy, food security, cotton production; and ultimately supplementing textile exports.

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