By Usman Munawar
AUTOMATION MEANS to operate something automatically. Talha Khan, Ali Hasan and I (Usman Munawar), the students of COMSATS University for Science and Technology, Lahore, electrical engineering 5th semester, have recently made it possible that there is no need of Microcontroller in every part of electronics project. Here our project is light and water tank automation. Its working is very simple but techniques must be sensible and reliable.
We have three intervals of days – one is morning, evening and night. In the morning we need morning lights so, for morning lights our LDR resistance and voltage lies in that interval so that it switches on automatically all the lights of morning by switching on relays.
Similarly in the evening, the evening lights switch on while others remain switched off by sensing voltage and resistance interval. Secondly, we have water level detection circuitry. Level detection circuit plays very important role in switching the motor when the tank is filled or completely vacant. In this circuit we compare our values of reference voltages from potentiometer with the voltage from electrolysis circuit. After this we made logic to make our motor switch on and off by using combinational circuit or sequential circuit approach and then to automate it we use the relay which automates the motor according to our need.
Main objectives of our project is to provide an automatic lights as well as water tank filling system which we must need in industries as well as in our homes to automate our appliances.
The project “light and water tank automation” is a valuable scheme to automate our lights and water tank. In this scheme, we used electronics techniques to implement rather than using the microcontroller. It is reliable and effective project because in real life its need of the hour now to automate the machine to save manual power and electric power. Similarly, due to overflow of water in tank we lose large amount of water. To avoid this overflow this circuit is very reliable.
An advancement of existing technology and significant improvements has been made in this project. All lights and other system will be automated to serve in our homes, industries so that both needs can be saved. We can use this assembly to automate any thing which we want in morning evening and night time.
As we installed this system the billing charges start reducing as possible as it does. Life time of lights and other appliances can be increased if we use it for required time. In this way it is beneficial for economy as well as for machinery of industry. In this way our project is the real sign of hope.
The beauty of this project is that, we used techniques of electronics instead of using microcontroller chip that will be costly one. By using the techniques of electronics this system is cheap and economic for industries and homes. One electrician can easily repair it as it uses simple easily available ICs as in Pakistan UPS is being made and repaired at every single nook and corner of streets so one can easily get it repaired from there on the other hand if it uses Microcontroller not everyone can repair it except the manufacturer and that gives it the edge.
Where there is light and water tank, this project and innovation is applicable. In industries lights on in morning, evening and night shifts. Instead of going to single lights for switch off, we automate lights. So that if morning shift starts the lights of morning start glowing otherwise off and similar behaviour for others.
By using this project we can save electric power as well as water. In this way our project is desperately need of the hour.It is not expensive to make this circuitry. One can achieve this goal but efforts and good techniques must be required.

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