STAFF REPORT IBD: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Department (KPITP) has acquired 25,000 square feet space in Peshawars Deans Trade Centre for setting up an information technology park. Establishment of a similar park is also planned in Abbottabad.
“The government has allocated Rs1 billion for the project for the next five years and agreed to release this amount at once to prevent the project from possible interruptions in case of any change in political dispensation,” KPITB Managing Director Amjad Shahid Afridi, said on the occasion.
The government would subsidize 80 per cent of power and air conditioning costs, while PTCL would provide free broadband services to startups in the two IT parks, he revealed.
The KPITB MD mentioned that investors could set up call centers and business process outsourcing and software houses in these IT parks but vendors and other services are not included.
“There are huge business opportunities in Afghanistan, and Peshawar has the rich opportunity to tap them,” he said, adding that investors could set up Pashto, Dari and Persian call centres at the Peshawar IT park to do business in Afghanistan.

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