Visiting Karachi was a great experience. It was enlightened and great to know that people were still very cooperative and good. When I visited a cousin, I observed that they are the ones who need govt support and are parasitic to many of aid providers. Often officers not only in the government but in the public and private sectors also, the owners and dignitaries of the corporate sector are heard to cry for the electricity for enjoy the lux style awards at night which in nature is for relaxing to overcome damages in body through metabolism.
Mostly the energy products providers are big corporations having millions for getting the tide in their favour. For them it is huge loss if people start living simple life which is going to make them live happily. Energy companies want to make us sophisticated so that we can be their customers for consuming electricity which needs energy of oil, sun, humans, etc.
Some days before, experts discussed that loadshedding is also blessing in disguise as when light is being shut off for shedding the load, the good thing is every one goes to sleep. What else is good for health at night. Now, we hear about many new sophisticated health problems. We are not normal any more but are always having issues with our health due to waking up at nights and waking up late in the morning; of course now number of people waking up for Fajar are reducing.
No one stops us from living simple life by sleeping early at night. We know heaters are dangerous due to gases are injurious to health but still we don’t enjoy the chill by using clothes, quilts, socks etc but we like to harm our health by using heaters. We need to focus on using our body energies for making it strong not soft that we won’t be able to face hard times in near or far future.
Simplicity is the solution to loads of problems like load shedding etc.

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