STAFF REPORT IBD: The National ICT RandD Fund has planned to finance a comprehensive survey study of Pakistan Information Technology (IT) and Enable Services (ITES) industry in order to collect database of all operating companies of all sizes including key economic indicators, business volume and turnover, their technical and human resources, and rudimentary information.
This survey study will not only be an important headway towards streamlining the industry and its players, but it will also identify the problems and issues of the industry players by and large.
Pakistans IT and ITES Industry is on the track of growth as number of large, medium and small scales companies are being set up with handsome investments along with working and human capital, however, the unified policies and collective targets are missing to flourish industry and its players in one direction rather than haphazard business activities.
Presently, a lot of innovations are taking place in the local IT industry but with a large number of companies operating below the radar, said an official of the Ministry of Science and Techhology.
Key data to be collected would include revenue (overall, domestic, and export, by sector and destination), size of companies, verticals, employment, output mix (services, products), growth-rates, cost base etc.

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