STAFF REPORT IBD: Ufone, the only state-run cell phone service providing company, is believed to be the best placed to get a 3G licence based on the fact that it has Etisalat on its back, the Pro-Pakistanis Blog reported.
However, the Blog said it is not that other (telecom) groups are struggling with pockets, but Etisalat has this edge of holding $800 million from PTCLs sale which it can now lend back to the government of Pakistan to get a 3G licence.
“Ufone will definitely go for the 3G licence,” a senior official of the Ufone said this while talking to the media on condition of anonymity. He added, there is no other option available. However, he was unclear about the maximum value of the 3G licence fee Ufone can afford to pay.
Analysts say that Ufone will try its best to get 3G. They say that Ufone will compete with Mobilink in the bidding considering Telenor and Zong are hot favourites. They ruled out the possibility of combined 3G licence for Ufone and PTCL. Instead they opined that PTCL will keep focusing on landline, broadband and other services.

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