STAFF REPORT LHR: A three-member delegation led by Punjab Agriculture Meat Company (PAMCO) Chief Executive Dr Hamid Jalil has recently visited the markets of Germany, Spain and Italy and held successful dialogues with prominent business entities there.
“The Pakistani delegation held dialogue with Triposona Company of Spain and Italy regarding the sale of meat and other by-products to them,” sources said.
According to the PAMCO sources, the delegation also visited citrus farms in Valencia, Spain (a famous citrus producing city) and saw the citrus gardens.
It may be noted that PAMCO is setting up Citrus Valley in Layyah, Bahkar and it needs good quality of seeds which it would now purchase from Valencia.
“After getting all the required certifications Pakistan has successful access to Germany and Europe with its agriculture products,” an official of the PAMCO said adding the country would maintain relations with other countries on equal basis after getting access to their markets.

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