HubSTAFF REPORT ILHR: Pakistan has every capability to become Halal hub in comparison with any other country and the whole world is anticipating Pakistan as a Halal Hub which is becoming reality.
“A huge quantity of halal food, halal meat, halal cosmetics, halal gelatin and halal bones can be exported from Pakistan through which we can increase our exports hence can cover the trade deficit,” Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, Halal Research Council, said while addressing a recently held two-day International Conference on Halal industry.
The moot was attended by constituents, ambassador, industrialists and businessmen from 15 different countries participated.
On the occasion, research papers on various topics like export of halal products from Pakistan, promotion of Pakistans halal industry internationally, International Halal Research and development and Certification, opportunities of promotion in the Global Halal Industry and the potential of Halal Industry in Punjab were presented.
An MoU was also signed during the conference amongst Philippine and Mauritius for the sake of promoting the Pakistan halal products.
In addition to this, he said that Halal Research Council will continue its journey in the field of research, development and innovation and will arrange the international conferences in South Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and UAE in the year 2012.

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