climate changeSTAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan, Guatemala and Russia have been the countries worst hit by climate change in the recent past, with thousands of lives lost to extreme weather events.
Experts said this at a recently held seminar at Karachis NED University titled where the climatic change and its impacts especially on Pakistan was highlighted.
Prof. Imran Ahmed said that it is not global warming alone that is pushing the world towards climatic catastrophe, adding that climatic change is impacting on air pollution, and it increasing health risks, decreasing the crop yields and affecting the bio-diversity.
Mohammad Ahsan Siddiqui, Assistant Professor in Environmental Department at NED University, spoke on cost of climate change in Pakistan.
He said that according to a World Bank report on Pakistan, $3.57 billion are needed to be spent in the coming 18 years to deal with the affects of climate change.
According to statistics, Siddiqui said that around 23 per cent of Pakistans land area and 50 per cent of the entire population is vulnerable to the climatic change related disasters.
Referring to the future predictions, he claimed that more floods, droughts, severe heat waves are predicted and that $5.75 billion would be required to deal with these disasters.

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