OLX Pakistan a global online retailer and auction site. They have an impressive footprint in a little less than 100 countries, each with their own specific domain (like .pk for Pakistan and .in for India).
In Pakistan they have been operating under olx.com.pk for some time with people using it to sell things online.
Recently they have started advertising heavily on television, a medium seldom used by online businesses previously. The ads are witty and fun to watch.
The most important factor of these ads is that they are being advertised on media which previously none of our online businesses have used.However, by stepping up its ad campaign and bringing it to wider audience OLX has taken a gamble which might be just the doze of direction or persuasion our consumers need to bring their business online.Most of our home consumers usually sign in to check their facebooks and maybe watch youtube videos of talk shows.
Majority of our online userbase does not completely comprehend the usefulness of this medium. With this much advertisement there might be more converts who will try to sell their stuff online. Maybe in the process of creating a market for itself OLX might also increase the number of eyeballs for other sites such as shophive.com, beliscity.com, bolee.pk and hafeezcenter.com.pk.But this might as well be the waking alarm most of our online retailers need, people out of Pakistan will soon realize the potential of Pakistan. And when they come they will have huge budgets and better resources at their disposal, if the experiment of OLX proves to be a success it might intrigue other companies to follow suit.
This competition will create better market for the consumers, however, it would also mean fierce competition for our existing businesses in online space.

By Web Team

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