Staff Report ISLAMABAD: The Pakistans Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has registered 79 cases against people involved in the illegal termination of international traffic using unauthorized Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP).
The gateway exchange is a telephone switch that forms a link between a national telephone network and one or more international gateway exchanges, providing cross-border connectivity.
An FIR was registered against Gahramanova Aliyya, an Uzbek national, for her involvement in the illegal termination of International Voice Traffic using unauthorized VOIP gateway, installed in sector G-11/1. The FIA arrested Aliyya and her accomplices on August 9, 2011.
In Pakistan, Internet users are supposed to obtain a licence from the PTA for running a gateway exchange. But a large number of people operate gateway exchanges illegally.
The VoIP is one of the families of Internet technologies, communication protocols, and transmission technologies that facilitates voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

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