The girl who became the worlds youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of nine died recently. I dont know if she had had it since childhood bu t it made me wonder if her epilepsy was caused by spending too much time on the computer. The effect of radiation emitted from computers has been studied and it has been linked to a variety of health issues.
Most are not aware of its affects and may not feel much. I am a person who has experienced strange symptoms that even doctors could not diagnose. I can point out one thing for sure that the region of the brain that joins the spine was affected. I think this region controls things like breathing, swallowing and heartbeat. I realised how badly computer use, even just half an hour of it, was affecting me. My whole body would start revolting, wanting me to get away from it. Even LCD screens are not of much help. I felt similar things using a branded laptop. You are taking in the bulk of radiation from monitors, causing almost all of the ill effects. Even if you cant give up long sessions of work dont keep sitting in one place. I just want to warn parents to please dont let their children use computers for too long.
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