STAFF REPORT IBD: Blogging in the new media is one of the best ways to getting yourself heard and putting your views across the general public, and in this regard, Pakistani bloggers deserve laurels for the excellent work they do.

In this regard, the 2nd Annual Pakistan Blog Awards 2011, started about two weeks back in Karachi with the first Unconference session at IBA City Campus in Karachi, has recently been concluded in Lahore.

The awards were brought about by YouTube/Google as presenter partners, Nokia Pakistan as lead partner, Djuice as the secondary lead partner for the event, with Dell and Intel as tertiary partners.

Considering how many bloggers in the country have worked tirelessly to build an international image for Pakistan online, the whole event was dedicated to acknowledging the efforts of these bloggers.

Former Pakistan Cricket Captain Imran Khan was invited to give out a special award to the team that broke the Guinness world record for the national anthem for Pakistan.

Telenor supported the PBA strongly this year, by co-creating a special blog award category, Djuice “Agents of Change”.

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