STAFF REPORT LHR: In order to making Punjab livestock “a dairy hub” and showcase the provinces potential in livestock sector, the provincial government has planned to set up more livestock training centres at divisional level throughout the province.

“Pakistan could earn huge foreign exchange by developing livestock sector and marketing its value-added products in Central Asia and South East Asian markets,” said Senior Advisor to CM, Zulfikar Khosa, while addressing certificates awarding ceremony held recently for Artificial Insemination Assistants (AIAs) and Women Livestock Extension Workers (WLEWs).

He further said that the PLDDB was set up not only to revolutionise the dairy sector by providing jobs to rural youths but also to increase milk-giving animals in the province.

Under the project, the AIAs would be given Rs 7,000 per month stipend on performance bases for three years, AI kit worth Rs 50,000, interest free loan for motorcycle and one liter petrol per day will attract youth towards this project. Women Extension Workers (WLEWs) would be given Rs 3000 per month stipend on performance bases and basic livestock kit worth Rs 25,000.

It is believed that through this training, AIAs would be able to earn Rs 15,000 to 40,000 per month while WLEW would be able to earn from Rs 8,000-10,000 per month.

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