STAFF REPORT LHR:  Pakistan has a tremendous potential to export halal meat and by-products as it, being an agricultural country, has a vast range of animals, and the Muslim countries response can promote bilateral trade with Pakistan in this sector.

“The halal industry accounts for $3 trillion and is expanding day by day which demonstrates the extreme importance of this conference. The Punjab government has already taken up various projects which are imperative for developing halal value chain especially in the meat sector,” Ahmed Ali Aulakh, Minister for Livestock and Agriculture at an international conference and expo on halal industry.

He pointed out various projects the provincial government had initiated for developing halal value chains, especially in the meat sector.

Participants from 15 countries participated in the conference and stalls were setup displaying Halal products.

The Punjab government has already initiated programmes on enhancing the halal and quality meat production through the PAMCO which is linked with the Lahore Meat Processing Complex.

In his remarks, Dr Hamid Jalil, Chief Executive Officer, PAMCO, said, “We are in a perfect position to provide halal products to the world,” adding Pakistan being a genuine gateway to 470 million Muslims holds a great potential for global the halal industry.

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