Pak waterSTAFF REPORT IBD: China, India and Pakistan are three of the four top irrigators in the world, suffering from serious  Pak water problems.

Pakistan has in most areas of agriculture a monsoon climate, and there might be abundant rainfall during the wet season and then a very long dry season where crop production depends very heavily on irrigation water.

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Groundwater, a very important source of irrigation, is being over-pumped extensively in order to meet the current demands for food production. However, this disrupts the natural hydrologic cycle, causes rivers and wetlands to dry up, the ground to collapse and fish and wildlife and trees to die, experts say.

Water and agricultural sectors are likely to be the most sensitive to climate change. Fresh water availability is expected to be highly vulnerable to the anticipated climate change. While the frequency and severity of floods would eventually increase in river deltas.

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According to recent estimates, 1.2 billion people lack safe drinking water and 2.4 billion lack access to basic sanitation.


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