STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is far behind in the field of science and technology from other countries in the world. Creativity level in Pakistan is very low while those having some creativity are not provided with the platform to share their ideas with the world. There is a huge need of innovation in the fields of science and technology.

The NAYS has initiated a programme known as “Emerging Ideas Conference” in order to provide the young researchers a platform which they can use for sharing their ideas that will lead to solutions of our local problems.

According to details, as many as seven people presented their ideas in the workshop held last week in collaboration with the Technology Times.

The two-judge panel after evaluation of these presentations selected three of them. Results show that Mohammad Shakeel (with first position holder), second position was awarded to Sadaf Badar while Zaeema Khan was declared third.

In his remarks, EIC conference coordinator Sayed Raheel Hassan reiterated to offer a platform for the young minds to showcase their skills.

Editor Technology Times, Sayed Paras Ali, was of the view that the country is filled with potential in the young generation and the authorities need to effectively patronize this sector.

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